Payment Options


Make Your Bill Paying Easy!

Sign up for Automatic Withdrawal (ACH).

Automatic Withdrawal is a free service.

  • Fill out the ACH Form and provide a voided check.
  • You may return your forms to us in three ways:
  • Email (See Address on Form)   or     Fax: 303-988-7291   or   US Mail or drop off:
    7995 W Quincy Ave
    Littleton CO 80123

*Monthly payments are drawn from the designated checking/savings account on the 20th of the month.

Payments using Credit Cards or Banking information.

Online Payments

Owners/Managers may set up an Online Service account.
*Tenants, please use the ‘Guest Payment’ option.

 Automated Payments By Phone 

(Credit, Debit and E-Checks are accepted. Your full 10 digit account number is required.)

The new number for our automated phone payment system is:


A correct Lakehurst Water & Sanitation Account Number is needed. 

If you frequently pay by this method, don’t forget to update this phone number in your contacts.

Man paying bills online via internet banking

Attention Debit & Credit Card Users!

Credit & debit card payments are available through the online payment link and by phone. Each payment cannot exceed $300.00 per transaction with a convenience fee of $2.50, which is collected by an outside party.  E-checks have no dollar limit with a convenience fee of $2.50. This fee is not collected by LWSD, it is collected by our secure payment processing vendor to cover the costs of the transaction.

We Accept Checks, Cash and Money Orders via Postal Service & in Our Office

Office Location:

Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District
7995 W Quincy Ave
Littleton CO 80123

Drop Box Payments

For your convenience we have a 24-hour drop box located at: 7995 W Quincy Ave. Please refrain from utilizing it for cash payments.

Pay By the Due Date

Payments are due upon receipt, but no later than the 25th of the month.

Pay a Suspension Notice

  • Suspension notices are produced the 5th business day following the end of each month.
  • To avoid a $50 suspension fee and possible suspension of service, please pay your delinquent amount no later than the due date on the suspension notice.

Get My Service Reinstated

  • Make your payment in cash or money order at our office.
  • Make a Credit Card payment via our website or phone payment option.
  • Include $50 Suspension Fee which MAY NOT be reflected in the Balance Due.

**Please Note: If your water has been suspended and you pay on-line AFTER 4:30 PM, it may NOT be turned on until after 8:00 AM the following morning.