Can I view my bill online?

Yes, by clicking the button to the right “Click here to view or pay online?” You can register an account using your account number found on the top portion of your bill and your phone number. Contact our office at 303-985-7895 with any concerns.

Is there a fee to receive statements (e-bills) online?

No, just create an online account using your billing ID; you can switch from paper to electronic with the click of a button.

Is there a fee to pay my bill online?

Yes, there is a fee of $2.50 per transaction. To avoid the fee, sign up for automatic payments with your bank account.

Why do you charge a fee for on line payments?

We have a third party who collects the funds and secures your payment information before forwarding the funds to us. We pass those fees to those who chose to pay on line versus distributing the fees to all of our customers. You can pay ahead and carry a credit balance to minimize the transaction fee.

Where are you located?

We have one administration building located at 7995 West Quincy Avenue, which is approximately 500 ft west of the intersection of Wadsworth and Quincy on the North side of Quincy. We are the building behind the small maintenance shop.

Where and how can I pay my bill?

You may pay your bills online at Lakehurstwater.org. E-checks and credit cards are accepted online and by phone by calling the district office and choosing option 1. We accept payments in the form of cash, check and money order during business hours, 8:00am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. We also have a drop box for after-hours payments at our District office; the address is 7995 W Quincy Ave.  No credit card payments are accepted in the office, credit cards are accepted online or by phone only.

Where does Lakehurst get its water?

Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District has a contract with Denver Water Department to supply all our customers with potable water. Denver Water supplies our District with water from their Marston Water Treatment Plant and the Foothills Water Treatment plant. For more water information go to our links or water quality sections.

Where are my water and sewer lines?

Your water service line generally runs from the meter pit in your front or side yard to where it hooks into your basement or crawl space. The line is usually four to five feet deep. Sewer service lines generally run ten feet either side of the water service line and in most cases are deeper than the water line. The sewer line is usually on the down hill side of the water line. The water and sewer service is generally owned, operated and maintained by the property owner from the mainline to the house, business or structure.

What if I have a sewer back up?

Please call the District office at 303-985-7895 during or after business hours. We will send someone out to check our main sewer line in the street. If this is clear, it is probably your service line that is blocked. We inspect our main lines every two to three years, and make repairs where necessary to help insure that our customer won’t have any back ups due to main line problems.

What if I have a water leak?

If you cannot determine the source of the leak, please call the District office at 303-985-7895. We will send someone out to help you. The majority of leaks are found either in the toilet tank or sprinkler systems.

Do I have to pay for all the water if I have a leak?

Yes. The District is responsible for supplying water to your meter. After the meter, the homeowner is responsible for all water use devices and water loss. Lakehurst is billed by Denver Water through master meters and must pay for all water that passes through these meters. We can make payment arrangements if necessary.

I purchased a house in your district. How do I set up service?

Service is transferred from the seller to the buyer at the time of closing. This procedure is handled by your title company.

I am selling my house. How do I close out my account with you?

Your title company will call and request a final reading for the day of closing. The title company escrows money from the seller at closing to clear your account.

I am moving into a rental home. How do I set up service?

Service has already been established for the owner of the property. It is up to your property owner to transfer service into a renter’s name as he or she is the responsible party.

I am renting and moving out. How do I close out my account?

You must notify your property owner so he or she can make arrangements for a final reading. It is up to your property owner whether he or she wishes to receive the final bill or have it forwarded to you.

I own a house and will be renting it out. How do I transfer service?

We have a Renter Transfer Form that must be filled out and submitted to our office. This form needs to be filled out each time there is a new renter occupying or vacating the premises. We will not take information from a renter as the owner is the responsible party.

Click here to fill out the Property Transfer Form - Landlords

What if the tenant doesn't pay the water and sewer bill?

If a renter does not pay an outstanding water bill, the owner of the property is responsible. Water and sewer is billed to a property, not a person. Water and sewer charges are a perpetual lien against a property in the state of Colorado.