Inclusion Cost and Instruction


Owners of undeveloped property who wish to be included in the District should present the District a letter properly signed by all owners of record which contains the following:

  1. A statement requesting inclusion of the property.
  2. A complete legal description of the property to be included.
  3. A certificate of survey of the property including vicinity sketch showing the location of the property in relation to the area.
  4. A deposit of $2,500.00 in payment of Legal and Feasibility Study* fees and anticipated charges. Should the process exceed the deposited amount you will receive a statement for additional charges. Any surplus will be refunded to depositor. There is also a non-refundable $400 per acre or fraction thereof inclusion fee.*Feasibility Study – A study performed by the District’s engineer to determine if it is practical to serve the property. The study defines the general requirements necessary for the property owner to obtain service.

Upon receipt of the request

the Board of Directors will review the request and, if all items are in order, will forward instructions to the District’s attorney for legal action. He will notify Denver Water and Metro Wastewater Reclamation District of the pending inclusion.