Tap Fees

Tap permits will not be issued until such time as the line to be tapped has been installed, tested and accepted by the District. In the Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District, developers must pay Lakehurst fees, Metro Water Recovery fees, and Denver Water Department fees. In addition, in certain areas of the District participation fees must be paid to reimburse the District and the Denver Water Department for installing certain lines or features to serve the particular area concerned.

Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Water Tap Fees

3/4" 1 $4,000
1" 2 $8,000
1 1/2" 4 $16,000
2" 8 $32,000
3" 18 $72,000
4" 36 $144,000
6" 94 $376,000

* Definition: "Equivalent or SFE" is a unit of measurement used to determine the capacity of water service required for a single family household"

For Denver Water fee information, contact Denver at (303) 628-6101 or visit their site.

Meter Fees

5/8" $525.77
3/4" $424.80
1" $736.94
1 1/2" $1,087.80
2" $1,495.20
3" Contact office for prices $3,169.20

Sewer Tap Fees

Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District
$2,000.00 per S.F.E
Lakehurst S.F.E. Definitions
Lakehurst Single Family Detached Residential One (1) S.F.E.
Lakehurst Commercial Sewer S.F.E. Total fixture unit count per UPC divided by 15 equals 1 S.F.E. Lakehurst charges based on whole S.F.E.’s. Fractional S.F.E.s are considered the next higher S.F.E.
Lakehurst Multi-Family Sewer S.F.E. Each unit within a structure is considered one (1) S.F.E.
Metro Water Recovery $5,520.00 per S.F.E.
Metro Water Recovery S.F.E. Definitions
Metro Sewer Connect Fee Residential Detached Units are considered to be one single family unit. Commercial single family equivalents are based on meter size as follows:
Meter Size S.F.E.'s Cost
3/4" 2.0 $11,040.00
1" 4.8 $26,496.00
1 1/2" 11 $60,720.00
2" 20 $110,400.00
3" 43 $237,360.00
4" 86 $474,720.00
6" or larger Call Lakehurst for Information.

Fire Hydrant Meter Permits

Permits may be obtained at the district office. A $2,000.00 deposit is required for the loan of a meter and appurtenances, which shall also include the use of the fire hydrant, and the hydrant permit form must be submitted. This deposit will be returned to you in full when the meter appurtenances are returned and found in good condition and working order.

If the meter or appurtenances are broken, lost, or not returned, the $2,000.00 will be applied toward the cost of the equipment and you will be billed for the balance. All account balances must be current before the deposit will be refunded.

A service charge will be assessed per month of $100 for each three-inch meter. Water usage is billed at a rate of $12.16 per 1,000 gallons.