New Development Procedures

Here are the steps for new development.

  1. To see if your project is located in the Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District, see the map.
  2. If your project is not included in Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District, see the inclusions page.
  3. Meet with the District Manager to see if main extensions are required.
  4. Have a professional engineer licensed in Colorado prepare construction plans.
  5. Submit plans to District Manager for review.
  6. Address comments by way of resubmission until plans are approved for construction.
  7. Developer will submit plans to Denver Water for review and Approval.
  8. District’s engineer will schedule preconstruction meeting with all necessary parties.
  9. Before preconstruction meeting ten copies of approved water plans must be submitted to the District. The developer’s engineer is responsible for providing approved plans by Denver Water.
  10. Submit project information to district.
  11. Start construction.
  12. Denver Water Tap Stub In Agreement must be signed off by Lakehurst and payment made to Denver Water. Forms may be obtained at Denver Water or Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District.
  13. Pay Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District tap fees.
  14. Run laterals to building; have Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District do inspection before backfilling.
  15. Pay Denver Water tap fees and submit copy of Denver’s receipt to Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District.
  16. Call Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District to set meter.

For additional District requirements and information call the District Office.