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Volume 18 Number 1

Lakehurst Customers Are Eligible for Conservation Rebates

Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District residential customers are eligible for water conservation rebates offered by our water supplier, Denver Water. Rebates will apply only to qualifying items purchased and installed between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006.

Water saving devices that are eligible for the rebate include a selection of High Efficiency Clothes Washers, High-Efficiency and Low Flow Toilets, Evapotranspiration irrigation controllers (ET controllers), and Rain-sensors for automatic irrigation systems. A more detailed list of pre-approved devices, rebate values, applications, and complete rules and regulations can be found under “Rebate Information” on Denver’s website at, or by calling the District office at the number listed below.

Rebate applications must be submitted to, and processed by, the Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District office. The rebate application must include sales receipts for the installed qualified items.

Lakehurst will submit qualifying rebate application to Denver Water for payment. All rebate applications must be postmarked by U. S. Mail before March 1, 2007 AND within 90 days of the purchase date.

Additional information regarding rebates or other water or sewer related topics can be obtained from the Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District office at (303) 985-7895.

Director McKerley bids adieu. Interim Director Appointed.

Director Jim Mc Kerley recently resigned from the Lakehurst Board of Directors. Mr. McKerley has moved out of the district and is no longer eligible to fill the position.

The Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors voted to appoint Ms. Jeanne Greenfield to serve the balance of Mr. McKerley’s term which expires May 2006. The four-year board seat will be filled by election in May 2006. Ms. Greenfield has indicated she will be a candidate for the four-year seat formerly held by McKerley. Ms. Greenfield has been a resident of the District since 1971. Greenfield holds a Masters Degree and retired after a twenty year teaching career with the Jefferson County School District. Ms. Greenfield took interest in the Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District during the drought and brings a welcomed viewpoint to District water and sewer issues. The Board and District Staff would like to welcome Ms. Greenfield “on board”!!!

Use Outdoor Irrigation Wisely and Control Summer Water Costs.

Outdoor irrigation consumes large amounts of water driving up summer water bills. Learn about efficient water use. Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District customers are eligible for seminars presented by Denver Water.

Denver Water will host several clinics and seminars for metro area consumers to assist with planning and design of water efficient landscapes. Clinics last approximately two hours and cost $85.00. Clinics fill up fast, so register as soon as possible. In addition to the clinics, there are several free seminars that will be offered throughout 2006. For complete information on dates, times and locations or to register for a clinic, please visit the Denver Water website at ( or call (303) 628-6330 for reservations.

Local greenhouse, plant nursery, landscapers and the Jefferson County extension are resources for our wise use outdoor vegetation issues.

Water Rebate Questions and Answers:

Q: What is a High Efficiency Toilet (HET)?

A: All new toilets are required by federal law to use 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) or less. An HET is defined as a toilet that flushes at 20% or better below the 1.6 GPF level.

Q: What is an ET Controller?

A: Evapotranspiration or “ET” is the combination of water that is lost from the soil through evaporation and through transpiration from plants as a part of the metabolic process. The controller uses data received from its sensors and/or local weather stations to automatically establish daily irrigation runtime schedules.

Q: What is an Ultra Low Volume or Ultra Low Flow Toilet?

A: Toilets labeled ULV or ULF that use 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

What’s New?

Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District is proud to announce the launching of its new web site beginning Monday, March 6, 2006. The web site is full of interesting facts and information about the District and issues regarding water quality, upcoming construction projects, helpful tips on water conservation along with a question and answer section. Please fell free to visit the web site at

In an emergency call the District office 24 hours a day at 303-985-7895. Calls received outside normal working hours will be answered by the District’s answering service and the information will be directed to on call service personnel for assistance.


David Bane, President
William “Jake” Schild, Vice President
Jerry Newlander, Treasurer
Steven Posavec, Secretary
Jeanne Greenfield, Director
Steve Daldegan

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